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There is no "I" in team. We're a close knit bunch, so when you start working with us, here's who will be answering your phone calls, processing your paperwork, and greeting you at the office.

Jason LaBarge, Retirement Planner in Annapolis, MD

Jason LaBarge, NSSA

Financial Advisor and Managing Partner at Premier Planning Group

Jason works with clients everyday to create a financial plan to preserve their wealth and secure their future now and into retirement.
Read his full bio here.

Hometown: Rapid City, South Dakota
College Ball: Notre Dame
Favorite Past Time: Collecting rare books
Can't Live Without: Vanilla Latte Starbucks coffee
Trivia: I was the drummer in a band in high school called Press the Minuteman.

Jessie Ringle, Director of Client Accounts for Jason LaBarge

Jessie Ringle

Director of Client Accounts

Jessie processes new client business and services existing client accounts.

Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland
College Ball: University of Maryland
Favorite Past Time: Weekends at the beach with my girlfriends
Can't Live Without: Music, especially the Beatles and '90s music
Trivia: I was the pitcher on my travel softball team when we placed 3rd in Nationals.

Caroline Harper, Director of Marketing and Relationship Management for Jason LaBarge

Caroline Harper

Director of Marketing & Relationship Mgmt

Caroline manages Jason's marketing, client events, and referral program.

Hometown: Spotsylvania, Virginia
College Ball: BYU and Clemson
Favorite Past Time: Learning how to do something new.
Can't Live Without: My laptop, for learning all that new stuff.
Trivia: I am a professional licensed tour guide in Washington, DC.


Alyssa Obrebski

Client Service Specialist

Alyssa manages Jason’s calendar, assists Jessie in servicing client accounts, and attends our monthly seminars.

Hometown: Bowie, Maryland
College Ball: University of Maryland and Notre Dame
Favorite Past Time:DIY projects and scrapbooking
Can't Live Without: Coffee and dayplanner
Trivia: I watch Jeopardy every night with my family.

Dawn Pruss

Dawn Pruss

Executive Assistant
to Jason LaBarge

Dawn prepares meeting paperwork and keeps the office running smoothly as well as attends our monthly seminars.

Hometown: Garden City, Michigan
College Ball: Michigan State
Favorite Past Time:Kayaking and meeting new people
Can't Live Without: Office supplies
Trivia: I played piano and won national and international competitions in high school.

Patrick Wilbert - Life Insurance

Patrick Wilbert

Life Insurance

Patrick reviews our clients' life insurance policies for opportunities to improve their coverage and lower their premiums.

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
College Ball: University of Maryland Terrapins
Favorite Past Time: Skateboarding
Can't Live Without: My kids
Trivia: I went undefeated four years straight on his high school hockey team.

Chris Harris, CFO at Premier Planning Group in Annapolis, MD

Chris Harris

CFO, Premier Planning Group

Chris Harris brings depth in financial services and life insurance analysis.

Hometown: Carbondale, IL
College Ball: Salukis (Southern Illinois University)
Favorite Past Time: Taking my dogs out on the town or hiking
Can't Live Without: Playing music (guitar, mandelin, piano, etc.)
Trivia: I can make homemade pasta!

Heather Finn, Director of First Impressions at Premier Planning Group at Annapolis

Heather Finn

Co-Director of First Impressions

Heather is the first smiling face you see when you come for an appointment on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Hometown: Northern Ontario, Canada
College Ball: Baltimore Ravens (she's not a college fan)
Favorite Past Time: Reading
Can't Live Without: My kids or my dog, Petunia.
Trivia: I know how to curl.

Patricia Jennings, Director of First Impressions at Premier Planning Group at Annapolis

Patricia Jennings

Co-Director of First Impressions

Patricia is the first smiling face you see when you come for an appointment on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland
College Ball: Naval Academy
Favorite Past Time: Quilting
Can't Live Without: Movies
Trivia: I have lectured and exhibited at various venues including the Fashion Institute.

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