Learn How YOU Can Claim Social Security to Maximize Your Benefits

  • Are you approaching retirement and having a hard time deciding when you should claim Social Security?
  • Confused if you should claim your own benefits, spousal benefits, or survivor benefits in order to receive the most money?
  • Curious how much Social Security will add to your monthly retirement income?

Jason has created “Learn How YOU Can Claim Social Security to Maximize Your Benefits” to help guide you through the important questions you need to answer before deciding when and how you’ll claim your Social Security benefits.

What Statements to Take the First Time You Meet a Retirement Planner

  • Are you a pre-retiree and know you need to start planning for retirement, but are nervous about meeting with a financial planner?
  • Confused about what statements and documents you should take with you?
  • Worried you'll forget an important retirement account or other paperwork you should take?

This is the Document Checklist we send when you come in for a complimentary consultation with Jason LaBarge. Simply look down through the accounts listed, see which ones apply to you, and get the latest statements to take with you. Taking statements for your 401k and IRA accounts, as well as any others listed, help to give a retirement planner a full picture of your finances, so that you can have the most effective meeting possible.